sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2012

The vertical urban factory

Yale ko unibertsiatean Nina Rappaport-ek eginiko ikerketa baten emaitza izan zen "The vertical urban factory" erkusketa. 2008an Donostian izan zen arkitektoen elkargoak sprilur, innobasque eta Adegirekin batera antolatutako Babel kongresoan.

In the future, cleaner and greener production methods could make vertical urban factories the new engines of urban revitalization, encouraging both economic growth and urban vitality as well as offering more sustainable solutions with production systems such as just-in-time manufacturing or increases in recycling. A missing part of the sustainable picture is where and how urban industry can contribute to new self-sufficient urban paradigms. With my ongoing project Vertical Urban Factory, the first phase of which is currently on view at the Skyscraper Museum, I want to provoke conversation about the demise of urban manufacturing and call on planners and architects to redefine and reimagine urban industry and its integration with city life.”
Nina Rappaport _ Vertical Urban Factory

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